Detecting a gas leak

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Servicing and maintaining gas appliances around your home is a great way to keep your family safe as well as ensuring your appliances are working correctly. Checking and servicing your hot water service, heating and other gas appliances also can save you money. Melbourne plumbing services, Newman Plumbing are licensed gasfitters and can assist in all gas servicing and installation of appliances. In the case of a gas leak, natural gas has a distinct smell. This could be coming from a plumbing joint on an old galvanised gas line or an appliance connection nearby. The appliance itself could be faulty. 
With natural gas leaks, immediate action is called for.
Turn your gas supply off at the gas meter which is normally located at the front of your home.
This turn off point is normally a quarter turn valve where the handle will be horizontal and pointing across the gas service pipe to be in the off position. If it is an internal appliance that the gas leak was detected you should open all doors to ventilate the area within the home. Ensure there are no ignition points such as pilot lights from other appliances nearby.
Contact Newman Plumbing where we have the necessary gas testing equipment and expertise to test your gas fitting line and appliances for any gas leaks. Repairs and servicing can be carried out to ensure you and your family are safe and gas appliances are functioning correctly.
Newman Plumbing have specialist gas leak detection equipment which ensures a quick solution to your gas leak.
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A licensed plumber should always work on your plumbing system

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