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February 1, 2011 1:45 am Published by
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The Christmas rush has been and gone!
The last minute jobs that had to be done before Christmas and the long holiday period were completed. Things were wound up ready for a long earned break for both our customers and all at Newman Plumbing.

While having some quiet time with the family I was reflecting on some of the calls that we took before the Christmas break. Some of these callers were just going through the phone book directory and calling several plumbers to try and gain some “urgent” service. Some couldn’t remember what plumbing companies they had called! This got me thinking about loyalty within the business and I reflected to the old days when I can remember my parents with the teletext that sat next to the telephone. In this teletext was a wealth of information with contact details, addresses and phone numbers. All contacts used on a regular basis where the shop or service contacted already had an ongoing relationship with my parents and also their friends had the same system in place. The baker, milkman, newsagency, chemist, doctor, dentist, friends and family all could be located quickly and household problems could be solved because there was already a firm and trusting relationship with the service providers.

I know for sure our loyal customers that have us in their “Computer Teletex” get priority service where we endeavour to give our valued customer prompt attention.

So whether it is that you have formed a relationship with or another plumbing contractor. Bookmark the website and form a loyal relationship and i can tell you it will bring dividends through great service, problem solving, advice and just good old fashioned prompt reliable attention.

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