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While it’s great to be able to DIY around the house, it’s important to know when you should call in the professionals.

Licensed plumbers know how to install your plumbing supplies expertly and in a way that ensures you don’t void your warranty conditions. Purchasing quality products from a reputable retailer is one important step in home repairs and renovations that shouldn’t be overlooked. Ensuring these products are not just installed by a professional but also maintained by one is just as vital.

Choosing Quality Products

Choosing high-quality products from a reputable supplier ensures longevity and means you face fewer issues later. At Newman Plumbing we always choose quality products to suit the individual customer and the job application. We stock 5 Star Efficient hot water units, water-wise tapware and toilet suites that include high-quality plumbing fittings – everything you’ll need to get the job done right the first time.


Quality products need to be installed by a licensed plumber to meet the warranty conditions of the item and to keep you and your family safe. Our licensed plumbers will not just install your product either; they’ll check the home’s water pressure is adequate for the product being installed, and also check that the gas supply is adequate if that’s appropriate for the product. You can rest assured that we’ll provide quality workmanship and customer satisfaction too.


Once your product is installed by a licensed plumber it is important that the item is maintained.  A lack of adequate maintenance will void the warranty conditions of a product and will result in costly replacements. Ensure you inspect your items regularly and if there’s leaking, unusual sounds coming from your hot water system or anything that doesn’t look right, it’s always best to call in a professional.

Our local plumbers specialise in servicing Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Our reliable, highly-skilled professionals can install your plumbing supplies and help you to maintain them too. If you’re in Melbourne, we’ll be there to fix your leaking tap or complete hot water repairs efficiently and expertly. We also stock a range of quality products and our years of local experience and knowledge can help you ensure you get the right item to suit your requirements. Don’t risk voiding the warranty on your items or the safety of your family by trying to do it yourself!

Call us on 0418 328 767 and we’ll help you get the longest life out of your tap-ware and fixtures.



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