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co awarenes week 2019

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2020

April 27, 2020 9:16 am
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As we enter the annual Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week (27 April – 3 May 2020), the team here at Newman Plumbing thought that we would give a reminder as to what this event is and why it is so important. Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week is an annual national event run by the Chase and Tyler Foundation raising awareness of fuel-burning appliance safety across Australia reducing illness, injury and death by accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. What is Carbon Monoxide? Carbon Monoxide is a toxic gas with fumes that are impossible to see, taste or smell. It is often referred to as... View Article

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Flu Symptoms or Carbon Monoxide?

May 3, 2019 4:53 pm
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Between the 29th April and 5th May this year, CO Awareness Week 2019 will take place. Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that, when breathed in large amounts, can cause serious damage to vital organs. In its early stages, carbon monoxide poisoning can appear to be the common flu. The best way to tell if you’re experiencing flu or carbon monoxide poisoning is to educate yourself about the symptoms. What Are The Dangers Of Carbon Monoxide? When carbon monoxide is inhaled, it can displace oxygen in your blood and deprive your brain, heart and other vital organs of oxygen. Breathing in... View Article

co awarenes week 2019

CO Awareness Week 2019

April 16, 2019 9:34 am
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Don’t be alarmed! Carbon monoxide awareness week arms homeowners with safety tips Carbon monoxide, also known as the silent killer, is to be brought under the spotlight between 29th April and 5th May, marking CO Awareness Week 2019. The campaign aims to shed light on the dangers and ill-effects this gas can bring to Australian households, urging families and individuals to educate themselves long before alarm bells start to ring. The truth is, CO poisoning can affect anyone at any time, and preventing deaths is as easy as taking a few precautions and knowing how to look out for the... View Article

Carbon Monoxide – A Silent Killer

June 6, 2018 2:33 pm
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The cold Melbourne winter has arrived, and the heaters are being turned on! We are snuggling up with our families on lounge suites and enjoying the warmth our heaters exude. Everybody is safe and warm – but how safe are we really? Could your family be vulnerable to a silent killer? If your heater happens to run on gas, like many household heaters are, then your family could be vulnerable. When a gas appliance is working properly, with the correct oxygen mix, the burnt gas turns into water vapour (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Already present naturally in the atmosphere, neither... View Article