Case Study: What Lurks Beneath the Surface?

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Beware the Tree Roots That Get into Your Drains

fixing blocked sewer drainNewman Plumbing was recently called out to a job in Glen Iris, one of Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Our new customer was having problems with blocked and overflowing drains. Like many of the houses in this area, it had a substantial garden with some beautiful mature trees.

Trees – A Blessing and A Curse

The green, leafy environment that Melbourne’s eastern suburbs are renowned for are undoubtably beautiful. However, trees can unfortunately be a blessing and a curse for homeowners. Why? Because all too often, trees are the cause of plumbing issues with local drains and sewers.

The issue with these large trees lies in their root systems. In areas with well-established trees and old earthenware sewer pipes, they can be a real problem – such as it was for this customer in Glen Iris.

Sure enough, we traced the problem with the blocked drain in Glen Iris with our drain camera to the old earthenware drains that directed wastewater from the house, down the side and to a trap at the front boundary.

The drains were blocked with tree roots, which Newman Plumbing successfully cleared.

While the old earthenware drains were still in good condition at this particular premises, they just needed to be maintained to prevent further such issues arising.

Understandably, the homeowner was keen to avoid any recurrence of this problem, so we recommended our Sanafoam Vaporooter maintenance services.

Sanafoam Vaporooter – The Easy Way To Keep Tree Roots Out Of Your Drains

Sanafoam Vaporooter is a herbicidal foam that can be pumped into your sewer line and helps to rid your drains of tree roots, preventing them from causing any more damage to the sewer pipes.

It is used to treat the sewer drains and helps prevent tree roots from causing future sewer blockages and any further damage to the old earthenware drains.

Although it’s remarkably effective, it only affects the tree roots that have found their way into the pipe and a short distance outside. It doesn’t affect trees and shrubs above the pipe at all.

Our Sanafoam maintenance program not only keeps tree roots at bay but also prolongs the life of your pipes and reduces the chance of recurring issues with blocked drains.

Do You Have Problems With Blocked Drains?

If you live in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, we can help with a range of blocked drain pipe solutions.Balwyn North blocked drains

Contact Newman Plumbing if you’re looking for a reliable and experienced plumber in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs to rid your premises of blocked drains once and for all.

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