Case Study: Plumbing Maintenance In Camberwell

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As experienced plumbers in the Melbourne eastern suburbs, the Newman Plumbing team understands how challenging accessibility problems can be when addressing plumbing problems.

This was an issue we recently faced in Camberwell, when a customer had just moved into their new home and found themselves with a few plumbing issues to resolve (despite a building inspection before purchase which told the customer that everything was fine).

Who To call?

This Camberwell resident needed a reliable, well renowned plumber in the Melbourne eastern suburbs to assess the property properly so that they could settle into their new property, once and for all.
They called our friendly team here at Newman Plumbing, based on the recommendation of another loyal Newman Plumbing customer in the local area.

Accessibility and Plumbing Assistance

When our team arrived at the Camberwell property, we found significant difficulties accessing drainage points and plumbing, owing to the fact the previous owner had installed three large water tanks in the property’s narrow side passageway.

We explained to the client, the issues these water tanks posed, and that these were the likely reasons that proper plumbing maintenance recommendations were not advised during the building inspection.

Since our assessment, we determined that the sewer blockage which, thanks to the property’s limited accessibility, was difficult to rectify.

Our Newman Plumbing Approach

Our team addressed these challenges in several ways. We ensured drain cleaning equipment, and our camera were safely lifted over the water tanks, in order for the drains to be inspected and cleared.

they were found to be significantly compromised by tree root infiltration from bamboo trees on the neighbouring property, and so our team treated the client’s drains with Sanafoam Vaporooter.

During our assessment, we also found the water tank pump had failed and the sprinkler system had begun to leak under the home, causing damage. Following our inspection, assessment and treatment, our customer advised us they would remove the water tanks and restore side access to their home to facilitate future plumbing and building maintenance.

Our Newman Plumbing team was pleased to be able to assist this new customer to restore the quality of their plumbing system and expertly navigate the particular accessibility challenges posed by this job.

Get In Touch With Us

If you have plumbing or drainage problems or are worried about your home’s plumbing accessibility, the team at Newman Plumbing is ready to help. We’re the plumber Camberwell residents have come to rely on due to the quality of our approach.

Our experienced team is on call and ready to detect and resolve your drainage issues efficiently and correctly.

Contact us today on 0418 328 767 to speak to our Melbourne eastern suburbs team, to learn more about what we do, or to arrange a service or callout.

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