Case Study: Gas Servicing in Mont Albert North

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As we only just step into the New Year, at Newman Plumbing we are already off to a busy start helping local residents of the Melbourne eastern suburbs.

This time, it was a customer in Mont Albert North who contacted us with the issue of having no gas flowing into their property. As it turned out, the gas lines in the street had been renewed to a high-pressure gas service. However, when the gas fitters tested the property service fitting line, a leak was discovered. So, the customer’s gas service was plugged and sealed until the gas leak was rectified.

We arranged a service call the next day to suit the customer.  The fitting line was tested where a leak was obvious. The home had three gas appliances – 1) a gas cook top in the kitchen, 2) a gas mains pressure hot water unit and 3) a gas ducted heating unit.

The fitting line was checked with the outside unit’s isolated and gas cocks turned off. There were no leaks with this gas test, so this then confirmed the gas leaks were after the isolating gas cocks. To fix the leak, the joins were then checked, and new gas cocks were fitted to both the hot water unit and the ducted heating unit.

A further gas test at the gas meter with the manometer confirmed there were no further leaks. This test was checked over approximately 20 minutes to confirm there were no leaks.

The gas meter was then reconnected and the gas supply lines purged and the appliances relight to remove any air in the lines.

The customer was advised of the procedure and that their home was safe from gas leaks, as there had evidently been a small gas leak for some time.

Their two old external units were checked, and Newman Plumbing stickers were applied to make future maintenance and renewal services as simple as possible. In doing this, we noticed that the hot water unit was showing its age!

The family at the Mont Albert North house thanked us for our prompt attention to their gas leak and were happy to continue on with their summer holiday, relaxing around the house – gas leak free!

If you want to make sure that your property’s plumbing is up to date, then give us a call at Newman Plumbing on 0418 328 767.

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