Case Study: Clearing Stormwater Drains in Balwyn North

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With a more intense wet season than usual, some of the older homes in Melbourne’s beautiful eastern suburbs were hit hard. As a result, there was some serious flooding at the home of one of our customers in the suburb of Balwyn North, which required a lot of work to sort out.

How Did Newman Plumbing Help?

Our experts at Newman Plumbing quickly got to work, assessing the damage and deciding on the most suitable plan of action. This included clearing all stormwater drains around the home and emptying the spouting and downpipes at the front of the house of silt and leaves before flushing them. We also cleared the property service stormwater drains from the front downpipe to the front street curb drain.

As well as this, we cleared several blockages of dirt, tree leaves and tree roots in old earthenware drains, before reconnecting the front downpipe with a new overflow point and easy access point for future stormwater drain maintenance, so that the same problem doesn’t occur again.

We located a further issue with another discharge point where a street drain was not discharging into the curb drain as it should. We discovered that this was a result of the council renewing street blue stone gutters without reconnecting the stormwater to discharge into the street drains. The council of Balwyn North has been contacted and is looking into rectifying the problem. Finally, we cleaned the house’s drains and carried out discharging to the front street.

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If you have recently come back from a fun summer holiday only to find that your property needs urgent plumbing attention, make sure to call the reliable plumbers of choice at Newman Plumbing. Here, we provide quality plumbing services to Melbourne’s eastern suburbs and have been doing so for over 30 years.

With years of experience and knowledge, all of our plumbers are well-equipped to sort out any problem, no matter how big or small the issue is. So, make sure to get in touch with Newman Plumbing today and let us get your home back up and running as efficiently as possible.






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