Case Study: Cleaning Storm Water Drains in Kew

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Newman Plumbing ute for cleaning drainsIf you live in Melbourne, then you are likely to be familiar with how the rain can affect local drains and downpipes – and not in a good way! Take one of our latest examples from a customer in Kew. They made the call to Newman Plumbing (as they had been recommended by another local) and told us all about the damp and flooding issues underneath their house.

We turned up to the customer’s house in our Newman Plumbing ute, fully equipped with our drainage camera and plumbing equipment so that we could locate and diagnose the issue.

First of all, we inspected underneath the home and noticed that the flooding water was due to blocked stormwater drains and downpipes. Now, it was time for us to clear the stormwater drains and pipes, as well as fix the issue so that the customer didn’t experience the same problems every time it rained.

We setup our pipe locator, so that we could locate the problem area of the stormwater drain. We also then setup our drain camera which helped us to locate issues of tree roots in the stormwater drains before clearing the drains right out. Once the stormwater drains were cleared, we used our drain camera once more just to make sure that this was definitely the case.

The property in Kew now had clean and clear drains and pipes, after many years of build-up and lots of Melbourne rain. We advised the customer of the importance of drain cleaning every so often due to the weather and left one of our Newman Plumbing stickers on their hot water unit as a reminder as well as a quick access contact point.

If you’ve noticed some damp spots around your home, it could be worth getting a professional plumber to take a look so that you can have peace of mind that the problem won’t spread or worsen.

At Newman Plumbing, we’re on call and here to service Melbourne’s eastern suburbs – just call 0418 328 767

Some great shots of our plumbing equipment in use!

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