Case Study: Beware of Your Everyday Water Filter

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Over one-quarter of homeowners use water filters in Australia to benefit from better, cleaner water. It’s a wise decision too, because the process of filtration removes heavy metals, chlorine, pesticides, chemicals and bacterial contaminants—stuff nobody wants to be drinking.

While the benefits of having a water filter are clear, the everyday water filter should be properly installed, maintained and used to ensure safety and efficiency.

What do we mean by this? Well, as reputable plumbers with over 30 years in the business, we’ve pretty much seen it all – including burst water filters, wreaking havoc to the properties they reside in.

For instance, we recently got a call from a resident in Balwyn (East Melbourne) who had just experienced this exact problem. Their water filter burst while they were away on holiday, causing extensive damage to their house!

This left the residents with a flooded second-storey kitchen, damage to their timber cupboards and polished timber floors, a collapsed plaster ceiling and soaked carpets. It’s a devastating thing to happen, but as trusted Balwyn plumbers, we were there to help ease the stress it caused by fixing the problem and ensuring it didn’t happen again.

At Newman Plumbing, we use the latest plumbing technologies and equipment to find the problem and restore things back to normal. Unfortunately, not everybody knows about the dangers and risks that can come with owning a simple everyday water filter.

Some people may unknowingly ignore minor issues which eventually become big problems. We want to prevent accidents like this from happening to others because we know how time-consuming and costly they can be, not to mention the stress and anxiety of replacing furniture, carpets, and ceilings.

Russell Newman with portable contactless payment machineWhat Causes A Water Filter To Burst?

There are many factors which can cause a water filter to burst, including too much water pressure, hairline pipe cracks or connector leaks. Our Newman Plumbers are experts at finding the cause of plumbing issues, but no matter what causes it, a burst filter can leave you in a messy and stressful situation.

If you have installed or are thinking of installing a water filter, give Newman Plumbing a call. We are a family-owned business with over 30 years’ experience, providing you with reliable and prompt service. We are always available, especially for emergencies like this one.

For plumbers Melbourne Eastern suburbs residents can trust, call us today on 0418 328 767. We are happy to help answer any questions or queries you have and look forward to working with you to create a safer and incident-free home.

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