Carbon Monoxide – A Silent Killer

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The cold Melbourne winter has arrived, and the heaters are being turned on! We are snuggling up with our families on lounge suites and enjoying the warmth our heaters exude. Everybody is safe and warm – but how safe are we really? Could your family be vulnerable to a silent killer? If your heater happens to run on gas, like many household heaters are, then your family could be vulnerable.gas hot water system melbourne

When a gas appliance is working properly, with the correct oxygen mix, the burnt gas turns into water vapour (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Already present naturally in the atmosphere, neither the carbon dioxide nor water vapours are of a concern. However, if the oxygen level is not correct then the gas doesn’t burn properly. If this unburnt gas becomes carbon monoxide (CO) – then you’ve got yourself a silent killer.

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Carbon monoxide has earned this reputation because it has no odour and it can cause death in a short period of time. This is especially true when a room is closed tight to keep out the cold.

Not only is CO odourless, but its symptoms can be easily confused with those of other winter ailments and can be misdiagnosed. With symptoms like headaches, listlessness, nausea and dizziness, CO poisoning could be passed off as the flu or a cold, while the real killer goes on unchecked.
Each year more families fall victim to this silent killer due to their incorrectly operating gas appliance. So, if you’re trying to keep you and your family warm this Melbourne winter, do so with caution.

Protecting your family from the silent killer, CO poisoning, is a matter of maintenance. Although situations can vary, gas appliances should be serviced by a licensed professional at least every two years, or at any time symptoms appear after entering rooms containing a gas appliance.

Regular servicing will detect any issues and maintain the integrity of the appliance. Having your heater serviced at the beginning of the winter season will give you, and your family, peace of mind while you enjoy the winter warmth of your gas heater in your home.

So, if you are in Melbourne experiencing the cold, you can keep your family warm and safe this winter from the silent by contacting a licensed professional such as Newman Plumbing. We are based in the Melbourne eastern suburbs and can service your gas appliances without the hassle to give your family the warmth and security they deserve this winter.

Call us on 0418 328 767 for professional guidance and advice.


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