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February 20, 2011 10:00 pm Published by
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A customer in Hawthorn this week that we serviced had experienced a severe flooding in the front part of their home. The flooding was due to heavy rain and a blocked stormwater drain. The stormwater was unable to discharge and backed up and into the roof area. The water damage to the internal ceiling and carpets was extensive. The downpipe at the front corner of the home was the main problem area. The downpipe was removed to gain access to the stormwater drains where it was revealed to be blocked by a large amount of tree roots, leaves and dirt build up. The latest technology water jet used by Newman Plumbing soon made light work of the blockages and soon there was a clear flow again. The tree roots, dirt and leaves that had built up over time could be removed by the water jet and the drains flushed clear. Several different water jet nozzles could be applied to ensure the debris was cleared. The drains were cleared to the front street where a clear flow of water could be seen.

We were able to insert the water jet upstream to help pull tree roots, leaves, dirt and debris from the stormwater drain. This is just one advantage of the powerful water jet in this situation.
The customer was reassured that the roof water could discharge away.
A new overflow was fitted to the base of the downpipe when it was reinstalled as an “insurance policy”. If the drains for some reason do reblock the water can discharge at the base of the downpipe and not up into the roof area and cause extensive damage.
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