Balwyn North Case Study: Stormwater Blockage and Plumbing Maintenance

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A local church in Balwyn North had been carrying out general maintenance on the roof of the property. They had also been experiencing issues with downpipes at the front of the building and were not sure of the condition of the downpipes which were discharging through the eaves and down brick piers.

With the downpipes concealed within the brick piers, the customer was seeking a professional who would be able to efficiently detect and fix the issue. This would involve cleaning the box gutters and the downpipes before rectifying the issue.


Looking for a professional solution, they decided to call a reputable local plumber and had been referred to Newman Plumbing by another satisfied customer in the local Melbourne eastern suburbs area. So, they gave us a call and booked our services.


We listened to the customer’s issues and arrived at the church to inspect the downpipes. We were able to do this very thoroughly with our advanced drain camera on top of the roof.

Drain CameraThe down pipes were constructed of 100mm PVC where they discharged into the storm water drains. The drains discharged through large 600mm/600mm storm water pits, which gave us great access to the storm water drains.

We were able to inspect all downpipes and storm water drains through to these storm water pits.

We also cleaned the box gutters, which included lots of buildup of leaves, dirt and general grit.

The downpipes and the box gutters were then flushed with our water jet where water could be visibly seen by the customer to ensure they were happy with the job.

Further stormwater drains were cleared with the powerful drain cleaning water jet and flushed.

The stormwater drains discharged from these storm water pits under the building to further storm water pits at the rear of the building, where we could see the drains flowing well.

Small wire grates were replaced into the downpipes to prevent leaves and other debris entering the downpipes and causing further blockages.

THE OUTCOME:blocked drains damage

The church was very relieved and pleased with the positive outcome to their overflowing roof issues. We had fixed their issues and recommended ongoing maintenance of the downpipes and flushing of the drains every two years to prevent any major issues forming – something the customer believes will be very worthwhile.


Newman Plumbing have worked for many churches and kindergartens within Melbourne’s eastern suburbs for many years. We take great pleasure in helping our local community stay up and running with our quality plumbing services.

If you have a blocked drain or need an experienced plumbing professional to keep your local business or home thriving, then give us a call today – 0418 328 767.


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