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An emergency after hours call out was attended to last Friday night in Blackburn. A distressed customer rang with water streaming from their bathroom vanity. Our customer had serious concerns of the bathroom flooding and causing costly damage. We tended to the property in a prompt manner and alleviated the plumbing problems with the faulty bathroom tapware.
Our customer was unaware how to isolate the water supply at their front water meter. It is important to know where you can turn the water off to your home. It is normally at the front water meter or an isolating valve at the side of your home. The water meter to most homes is at the front of the property near the footpath. A good indication of the location of your water meter is the front hose bib tap. The tap is nearly always close to the water meter. Once you have found your water meter it is good maintenance to ensure it is always exposed and the garden hasn’t grown over it. Remember it might not be you that is looking where to turn the water off on a Friday night in the dark! It doesn’t hurt to turn the water supply off in normal conditions to ensure the valve is working correctly and you are confident that this is the isolating valve and it works!
There is also an isolating stop at the side of mains pressure hot water units. If it was a hot water tap that was causing a problem this valve at the hot water unit could be turned off without turning all the water supply to the home off.

This is also very good to become familiar with. There are two valves at the side of a gas hot water unit. One is for the gas supply which normally only turns 90 degrees and isolates the gas to your hot water unit. The other valve should be the water stop tap. A lot of new cold water stop taps have a black round handle and turn the same as a normal stop tap.
With regular maintenance and proper care for your tapware in your home you can prevent costly after hours emergency call outs and the distress that comes with them!

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