A Faulty Hot Water Heater in Camberwell

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As experienced plumbers, we’ve received countless calls from the people of Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. From worried home and business owners to cautious tenants, we always aim to assist our customers with the best plumbing services possible. A popular call for us to receive, are issues with hot water units, and the need for the services of an experienced plumber. This time, Camberwell was the location for one such recent call.

On arrival, as with all call-outs, our Newman Plumbing professional first made sure that all was safe. This is a general safety precaution, as well as one in relation to keeping everybody Covid-safe.
The next step was to take the time to carefully assess the options and to discuss these with the Camberwell homeowner.

Three Stages To Abundant Hot Water

We agreed that the faulty old hot water unit had served its owner well, but that it would need to be replaced with a more efficient appliance. Having made this change, the second step was to test the gas fitting line for leaks. Once we knew that all was well, then came the third step. This is simply to remove the old unit and take all the associated packing and other materials with us.

Incidentally, so many clients tell us that our clean-up is something that many other workers who visit their home either don’t bother with or give scant attention to. Apart from the superb new hot water unit, proudly in place, it looked as if we’d never been there!

Welcome To A Melbourne Winter

We know how fickle the Victorian climate can be. When the winter chill sets in, it’s so important to make sure you have a fully functional, completely safe, and thoroughly efficient hot water unit. Suffering a sudden failure is an unpleasant experience at any time, but especially so in the depths of winter!

Choosing Newman Plumbing For Your Hot Water Needs

It might be time to consider replacing your hot water unit. Perhaps your current model is in need of some important maintenance. Why do so many Melbourne eastern suburbs residents turn to Newman Plumbing? Well, with over three decades of proven local experience, who better? From dealing with a leaking valve replacement, or a unit that refuses to light, and many other problems, our professionals are ready to restore that vital hot water supply to your Melbourne property.

As you would expect, we are fully licensed and abide by all current Covid-safe Government guidelines. When you need help, we’re just a phone call away, and our number is 0418 328 767.

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