Blocked Drains – 3 Common Causes and How to Fix Them

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Blocked drains occur all over Melbourne every day through various homes and offices, but what causes these blocks and how you do fix them once and for all?

Here are 3 common causes for those annoying blocked drains:

1. Rain, Wind or Stormy Weather

Living in Melbourne can bring about extreme weather changes in no time. It is these times that you have to look out for as heavy rain and wind can cause leaves, dirt and other debris to block those drains right up.

Blocked Drains Melbourne

  The solution:

Ensure your drain pipes are checked regularly to avoid build up.



2. Hair

Every day our drains hold onto large amounts of hair that we lose in small amounts when showering. Over time, the hair can build up and cause quite an issue when you realise that your drains are blocked.

Tree root blocking drain illustration  The Solution:

  Try to catch your hair before it enters your pipes or make it a priority to clean your pipes regularly




3. Faulty Pipe Installations

Australia’s DIY popularity is on the rise which is not always good news for your plumbing. Installing pipes incorrectly can mean that your home, office or neighbourhood is at risk of a very costly plumbing experience.

Faulty Pipe Installations

The Solution: call an experienced plumber who can guarantee the safety of your home and office.





Newman Plumbing services are experts in blocked drains Melbourne and can assist you in the most efficient manner. We’ll fix the problem and show you how to avoid facing the same blocked drain issues in the future.

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