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The first Settlement in the area, known as Ballyshanassy was surveyed in 1858. The settlement changed name to Norwood and subsequently Burwood in 1879. The Post Office opened on 1 May 1853 as Ballyshanassy and was renamed Burwood around June 1879. The name “Burwood” was the name of a house built by Sir James Palmer in Hawthorn West in 1851. The original settlement was centred near Burwood Cemetery and the Police Station, but the focus shifted to the intersection of Warrigal and Toorak Road with later commercial development. The suburb later spread westwards to the Hartwell railway station, which was renamed as Burwood railway station.

By 1904, Burwood had a population of 600 and had a post office, two hotels, a savings bank and a number of churches. The township at the time was surrounded by farms and market gardens. Albers’ Daffodil Farm is typical of the local market gardens and was established in 1934. It operated on the site now by Deakin University’s Burwood Campus until the site was sold to the government in 1951.

The Burwood Skyline drive-in theatre opened in February 1954. It was Australia’s first drive-in theatre. Operated by Hoyts, it had a 652 car capacity, later increasing to 743. The drive-in was located near the intersection of Burwood Highway and McComas Grove in a natural amphitheatre setting provided by the Gardiners Creek Valley. The screen was located on a high point on the other side of the creek from the viewing area. The drive-in was very popular in its early years, often causing traffic jams in the local area. Following a decline in audience numbers over a number of years, the drive-in closed on 22 June 1983.

Burwood Station was opened on 30 May 1890 with the name Hartwell, after nearby Hartwell House, the residence of William James Irwin.

Its name was later changed to Burwood {1 August 1909} probably after Burwood Road which took its name from a house{now Invergowrie} erected in 1851 by Dr James Palmer, who had operated Palmer’s Punt across the Yarra between Richmond and Hawthorn near the site of the current Burwood Road Bridge. Burwood was also open for goods traffic in August 1890, but was closed from May 1897 to July 1898. The line was electrified in 1924.

Hazards on the railways were different in those days. Frank Mason whose father used to travel to work on the Outer Circle Railway tells the story of an accident-prone driver whose worst accident was knocking four horses off the railway bridge at Toorak road onto the road beneath!

Burwood is bounded to the north by Riversdale Road, The northern boundary of Deakin University, Gardiners Creek and Eley Road. It is bounded to the east by Middleborough Road and to the west by Warrigal Road. The southern boundary runs near Carlyle and Zodiac Streets then along Gardiners Creek and subsequently in approximate alignment with Ashwood Drive,Montpellier Road, Arthur Street, Huntingdale Road and Highbury Road.

The most prominent feature of the Burwood landscape is Building C {The Alfred Deakin Building} of Deakin University. The main Burwood shopping centre is located at the intersection of Warrigal Road and Burwood Highway and Station Street.

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