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Although Box Hill has been a dry city since 1920 its prized symbol is derived from the first hotel built in town. In 1851 teetotal Patrick Trainor, successful migrant from the County of Armagh, bought a Crown grant of 90 acres on which he grew wheat for sale as flour to the diggers in Ballarat. Two years later, in answer to requests from teamsters using the Gippsland Road {Whitehorse Road}, he built a two-storey hotel on what is now the south-east corner of Maroondah Highway and Elgar Road. This hotel he named the Whitehorse, after his own mount.

The hotel became the centre for discussions of matters of community interest. Members of the Nunawading District Roads Board {1857} forerunner of the Box Hill City Council, met there. After Trainor sold the property in 1858 it passed through many hands, and was a boarding house at the time of its demolition in 1953. James English, licensee in 1895, had the statue of a white horse carved and placed above the portico of the single storey building which replaced the original, destroyed by fire in 1893. The Cody family, owners at the time of demolition, presented the statue and portico to the Box Hill Council, which in 1954 had them erected in their present position on the median strip in Whitehorse Road.

During the first years of settlement the settlers obtained their household water from creeks and run-off from their shingle-roofed homes into wooden butts. The advent of corrugated iron led to the installation of tanks, and when local fired bricks became available domed wells fitted with hand pumps also became sources of water supply. The butts and tanks have gone, but some of the older buildings still have their wells, although these are now covered over. The expansion of settlement towards the east brought about the extension of the 32 inch water mains from the Yan Yean reservoir to Box Hill. In 1892 the Surrey Hills Number 1 Reservoir was built at a cost of 12,000 pounds to supply higher sections of the area. Construction of Surrey Hills Number 2 Reservoir was completed in 1913 and the accompanying tower was built in 1929.

Water is supplied to the reservoir by a 36 inch main from Maroondah and a supplementary 46 inch main from Mitcham set down in 1940. During peak period water flows from the tower to supplement ground level pump supply. The cylindrical tank, which has a capacity of 100,000 gallons, is mounted on a reinforced concrete shaft 26 feet in diameter and 95 feet high. The overall height of the Surrey Hill’s tower and tank is 109 feet.

Because of it’s location, 450 feet above sea level, and its height, the structure was specially designed so as to soften its impact on the surrounding area. The water tank component has vertical recessed panels framed in the wall while the balcony located at the base of the tank has a decorative treatment consisting of twenty four arches. The roof is sloped to conform with the general architectural concept of the tower.

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