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Blackburn is a suburb in Melbourne, 17 km east from Melbourne’s central business district. Its Local Government area is the City of Whitehorse. The origin of the name Blackburn is not certain but may have been after an early settler or James Blackburn who designed Yan Yean Reservoir. It lies within the city of Whitehorse in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

This suburb is bounded in the west by the Middleborough Road, in the north by Springfield Road, in the east by an irregular line to the east of Blackburn Lake Sanctuary, and in the south by Canterbury Road.

Europeans first settled the area in the 1840s. The area was densely wooded, though orchards and small farms were soon developed. In 1861 the Traveller’s Rest Hotel was built on the current site of the Blackburn Hotel. Blackburn Creek Post Office opened on 10 January 1876 and the area was renamed in 1833. During the land boom of the 1880s, brickworks and quarries were established in the area.

Blackburn railway station was built in 1882. A primary school was established in 1889.

A large part of Blackburn is of historical significance as at was built around the artificial Blackburn Lake in 1889. Now known as Blackburn Lake Sanctuary, it is a beautiful spot for a walk with the lake in the middle of the sanctuary. This was a popular day trip destination by train in the late 19th century. Some famous Australian artists used to paint in the bush around the Blackburn and Box Hill areas. Of these, Roberts and McCubbin are probably the most famous.

In 1882, the railway from Melbourne to Camberwell was extended to Lilydale, to form the Lilydale railway line. This line was opened on December 1, 1882. Blackburn station, then known as Blackburn Creek station, was opened on December 25 of that year.

At this time, the Lilydale line had only a single track, and had a token-based system of signalling. On August 12, 1889, Blackburn was designated a “crossing station” meaning that it had a loop line to allow trains to pass each other. In December 1891, a second track was added to the section of the Lilydale line between Box Hill and Ringwood stations. At this time the station had two platforms.

Services terminating at this station began in the late 1890s, due to the large number of passengers visiting the Blackburn Lake Sanctuary. However, there were relatively few trains passing through – around two trains per hour in 1901.

Automatic signalling, which had reached Box Hill in 1929, was finally extended to Blackburn on July 13, 1958. However, automatic signalling was not installed between Blackburn and Mitcham stations until November 13, 1960. Boom barriers replaced hand gates at Blackburn Road in 1970.

The major shopping hub of Box Hill is only 2 train stops away, while 3 buses connect this suburb to Forest Hill. It shares a postcode with Blackburn North and Blackburn South. Blackburn contains two railway stations, Laburnum and Blackburn, on the Belgrave and Lilydale lines.

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